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Before you start reading Mish told me to post this article. This I have her consent to tell the truth 
Screenshot 20180113-141244

I've been getting this question alot so I thought it's time I address it. I understand why people would ask this because Michelle and I were close for almost 5 years...

The best part is that most of you know her so she can even verify that all I'm about to say is true.

I'm just going to be blunt about what happened. In early 2017 Mish started drinking and partying almost non stop with children 2 years younger than her. Her being an adult and them still being teenagers. Mish landed herself in bed with one of these kids and commited Statutory Rape. And here's where more problems arose.

I will admit that I gave her a set of "rules" that were supposed to prevent this. Most of them forcing her to study and not get into trouble. And also to keep a schedule seeing as she is an adult. She found these rules more disgusting than the crimes she's commited.

Mish and her under aged rape victim laughed at me for being sick. And after I threatened to report her she started becoming better for a little while. She stated that she had no idea what she was doing. I forgave her and tried to help her. She said that she would didn't last long.

A few nights ago I phoned her. The call was almost an hour long and in it she admitted to me that the "molestation" case she opened against her mother's boyfriend was not the full truth. In actuality she tried to have sex with him and stated that she wanted it to go all the way. In the phone call she said that she wabted it to go further but now changed her ststement. Fear not heres a screenshot 20180114 080811
Notice how she admits what she did but claims in the same sentence that she didn't. Not only does this prove her never ending lies but it also gives us a good look into what actually happened. It's odd that she admits what she did but then states it's not what actually happened. Here we can all see she's trying to make what she said in the phone call disappear. I have more screenshots if any of you wish to see it.
After this she started treating me like shit once again. I gave her a choice:

1. Try to change and prove it to me by being nicer and trying harder

2. Continue with what you are doing but then I will warn others.

You see she draws alot of fan art of cartoon shows. Such art grabs the attention of younger people which are not safe around her. Michelle showed no remorse to me or her actions. She says she's changing but will never put words into action...

And she also tried to make me sound like a bad person in front of her friendswhile she was doing disgusting things like this... imagine what she didn't tell me about...

That's why I can no longer be friends with her. And trust me I tried to help... I was planning on meeting her at the end of 2018 during the December break....

She has proven herself to be dangerous and not at all what i thought she was. If you don't believe me you can ask her and the people that knew her... And Mish if you're reading this. Remember that this was your own choice.

Anyway hope this answers the questions... those of you that know mish probably aren't even shocked because I told a few people the story and they all said the same type of thing.

"I suspected it"

If she tells you these things are false then I have the screenshots to prove they are not. Not only that but she did tell me to post this whole thing and then also told me to share it to people. Screenshot 20180114-080347
If she tells you she's going to change then why does she keep hurting people? Why does she keep hurting people that are her friends?  I'm sorry to say but we'll only ever really see a change in this person when they start apologizing to everyone they hurt. I wouldn't be the only one on that long list of apologies. 

And before she tries to tell you that I don't understand keep in mind that all these things she told to me in her own words 20180114 110439

I'm sorry if some of you were hoping to build a friendship with me this year but this incident has scared me off of making any new online friends... 🌸 tho I'd always appreciate light conversation.

Great start to 2018 🌸


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Hi! Names Camilla but you can call me Cammi. Feel free to comment and message me I don’t bite. If you like decent-ish looking art and a short person with a pencil and a Give-Them-Hell attitude ,then smash that “watch” button and buckle up for the ride!

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